Troll Hunters is the most serious Dungeons And Dragons show on Twitch.

we're here to SLAY every Friday at 7pm PT

on Twitch

Our players

Matt Acevedo

as Gorbil Grayblade

Lucas Eubank

Oriphan Oxmanson

Zac Eubank

as Dolyn Harthrough and Jane Valentine

Malika Lim

as Silvaria Thornheart

Naeem Stewart

as Emmanuel Ashford

Eric Reichert

as GM with

Branson NaJame

as Mister Pianopants


Mitch Gitelman

as Duncan Wyrmbane

Emily Jacobson

as Yrsa the Golden Bear

Aabria Iyengar

as Dez Amonat

Bert Jennings

as Theren Shadowalker

Fabienne Miskelly

as Misery

Michelle Nguyen

as Eggolas

Kelly Nugent

as Squanch

Amir Rakib

as The Ominous Voice and Sketchy the Squirrel

Cameron Rice

as CranJelly

Kyle Shire

as Himo Nailo