Time to explore the edges of the Galactic Empire with the cobbled together crew of mercenaries and smugglers! Join the players and illustrious GM Bert Jennings as this rag-tag crew navigates their own side of a beloved science fiction universe.
Pencils & Parsecs touts innovative methods for interactivity by allowing the viewers control over the balance of light and dark. Helping either side of the force manifests in events which can both affect the universe and summon boons for the player characters!

Pencils & Parsecs is a Star Wars RPG used the Fantasy Flight Games system from Edge of the Empire.

Our players

Aio Corvica

Kym Canon

Eren Val

Joe Starr


Hector Nevarro

Kylara Fey

Emma Fyffe

K'lev Seth

Keith Silverstein


Bert Jennings